Currency Conversions

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So has foreign currency been surpassed in favour of cards? The answer is generally, yes. If you have the right card you will almost certainly save money when compared to exchanging your Sterling for foreign currency.

However, for some, any forms of cards, whether it is a credit card with charges or the new breed of prepaid cards, are off-putting and of course the wrong card can carry risks. Cash is also the easiest to use but, at the same time, is the easiest to lose or have stolen so don't take more than your travel insurance covers. In those cases, exchanging money is probably right for you – but still make sure you're getting the best deal.

Don't assume that a sign saying 'commission free' automatically means you're going to get a great rate. In actual fact you should be very wary of 'commission free' offers because the chances are that you will be offered a worse exchange rate than the bureau itself receives, allowing them to make profit that way. The only way to tell is to ask how many euros/dollars, etc, you will get in exchange for your pounds. Simple as that!

Some companies don't have commission charges – so if their exchange rate is competitive they are worth a look. However, don't rule out those that do charge commission, as their rates can still be more competitive.

Be wary however, of flat fees and minimum charges. Minimum charges make it difficult to change small amounts of money but flat fees can offer good value if you are changing larger sums of money. Watch out for handling fees too, which are normally about £3 but can be higher. Also consider your own bank or building society as they might have preferential rates for their account holders.

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Latest Foreign Currency Rates

The strength of sterling has become a major issue for most households. As the pound has dropped in value against other major currencies like the dollar and euro, travelling abroad has become much more expensive.

Imported goods are also going up in price and British expats who live - or are thinking of moving - abroad are seeing their spending power significantly reduced.

Here we explain what determines the strength of the pound and round up expert predictions as to its future. And don't miss the links to our live exchange rates data.

ForexGen offers three types of business partnerships:

*Introducing Broker
*White label
*Money Manager

ForexGen Introducing Brokers, White Label and Money Manager holders are recognized as a strategic business partners. The main focus of our service is to satisfy our partner's needs in order to deal with a qualified service and gain a huge income sharing plan.

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Online Trading Services

We offer online trading services with FXcast since over 2 years now. FXcast has worked as broker in a protected private environment. The website has gone public on the 1st of May 2007 after huge investments for automation and effectiveness of our website information and the procedures behind it. The goal is nearly 100% automated processes from account opening to withdrawals from trading accounts.

The founders of FXcast have each more than 15 years experience in brokerage, system development, customer relationship management, risk management, execution and whatever is important for our core business.

Why ‘FXcast’? Any particular reason for this name?
The name is a synonym for Forex Forecast – the only method in our opinion to trade successfully in the market. If it is a technical analysis based forecast or an economic based or a mixture of both – without a fundamental analysis and resulting forecast trading is only gambling. If a trader wants gambling – fine. If he wants profit he must stop gambling and start serious trading.

[ForexGen Money Manager]

An individual who is responsible for the entire financial portfolio of another individual or another entity. A money manager receives payment in exchange for choosing and monitoring appropriate investments for the client.

Benefits of being a Money Manager with [ForexGen]:

* Providing three different commission sources.
* Weekly commission plan.
* Easy & fast commission withdrawals.
* Fixed percentage of the profits.
* P = k * D “P=Profit, k=Variable Parameter, D=Deposits”

The money manager gets a fixed percentage of the profit previously agreed upon with the client for managing the client funds as a bonus feature.

The most competitive trading conditions:

* 2 pips spread on six currency pairs.
* Providing online trading services without maintenance margin, margin call and no automatic closing of positions below the initial margin on weekdays for accounts with initial equity of up to $1 million US. The margin level have to be recognized Fridays at 23:00 CET and before public holidays.
* Leverages up to 1:200 for accounts up to $1 million US.
* Liquidity and 24/5 availability are the characteristic factors of the Forex market compared with other financial markets.

Forex market

Forex market is an international exchange market where some currencies are bought and the others are sold accordingly. Trading in Forex market goes in currency pairs like EUR/USD for Euro/US Dollar of USD/JPY for US Dollar/Japanese Yen and it is unlikely to have any external controls.

The transactions between the counterparts of Forex market are carried out via electronic network or over the phone. That's why Forex market is known as an "interbank" market. There is not any trading center for FX market unlike futures and stock markets.

The borrowed capital is often used for trading in Forex. In this case currency speculations are carried out through getting a credit line and called marginal trading. This fact confirms that you can trade in Forex without being supplied by any real money. So, the trader may deal with large transactions at a high speed and low fee without having a considerable initial capital.

Forex has two fundamental trading strategies: Fundamental and Technical Analysis. The sense of technical analysis is to invest money after studying past data with hope that the history would behave cyclically. Fundamental analysis deals with analyzing various different fundamental factors within the country, like economical and political situation hoping that they will affect exchange rates.

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ForexGen offers three types of business partnerships.

* [Introducing Broker]
* [White Label]

* [Money Manager]

ForexGen Introducing Brokers ,White Label and Money Manager holders are recognized as a strategic business partners. The main focus of our service is to satisfy our partner's needs in order to deal with a qualified service and gain a large income sharing plan.
[ForexGen] provides appropriate services satisfying the needs of all business partner's specified situation and requirements.

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FX, Forex or Foreign Exchange, is all about exchange of currencies from one hand to another at an ongoing price in the market. Forex is all about investing money in foreign currencies, just gain profit by selling at a higher price, the one you hold, just to buy another one at a lower price. Earlier, not many traders were clear about the Forex trading and that Forex is just short for "foreign exchange", as it did not get much publicity through media.

Foreign Exchange market is the biggest financial market in the world, with a potential of fast and great gains and a sizable number of investors. The advent of internet technology is what made Forex trading grow considerably popular as well as accessible with various types of investors.

About a decade ago, currency trading was only limited to large banks and financial firms because they were the only ones to have access to the tools and methods required to trade Forex market. However recently, due to up and coming efficient online platforms, technology has advanced to the point of being accessible to any and every individual trader who wishes to trade or invest in Forex. being one of finest online trading platforms is easily accessible by all who are interested in investing in Forex.

[ForexGen Academy]

If you are an experienced ‘FOREX’ Trader or just a beginner looking for the opportunities offered in the ‘FOREX’ market, [Forexgen] has created ForexGen Academy to give you the chance to get a ‘FOREX’ education and improve your trading skills. No hard expressions, no buzz words, and no rocket science language are used throughout these lessons.
How to Get Started?

People are introduced to the exciting world of foreign exchange in many ways: friends, current events, newspapers, television, and many others. For those of you who are new to forex, the following guidelines cover the basics of currency trading.

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